Orly orthopedics specializes in manufacturing orthopedic footwear by custom order, through the Health Ministry, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Finance, all the health maintenance organizations and the private sector. The company also specializes in manufacturing customized soles and the marketing of footwear and orthopedic accessories produced by the leading companies.

Orly Orthopedics possesses extensive knowledge and experience, and it has been active in the market for more than 65 years. For 3 generations, it has provided service to customers all over the country, and even abroad. The company is even included in the list of approved orthopedics compiled by the Lewis Institute (which operates on behalf of the Health Ministry).

Orly Orthopedics offers a wide range of goods and services:

  • Manufacturing individually-customized orthopedic footwear through the use of plaster measurements.
  • Manufacturing individually-customized orthopedic soles, by measuring the customer's foot through plaster. The soles provide a solution to persons suffering from diabetes or calcaneal spurs, to sportspeople and to people who spend long periods of time standing on their feet and wish to reduce the pressure.
  • Marketing a wide range of footwear (sports shoes and orthopedic shoes) by the leading manufacturers in the field, such as: New Balance, Brooks, Dr. Flex, Naalei Moran, Teva Naot, Naalei Orix, Propet and Aetrex. The shoes are available in all sizes, and they are made of soft leather.
  • Marketing of orthopedic accessories by the leading companies: knee braces, back belts, fracture belts, customized elastic socks (depending on degree of pressure), walking canes and walkers, collars, etc.

Treatment of sports injuries and providing services to sportspeople.

Professionalism through generations
The manager and owner of Orly Orthopedics is Shaul Dvir, an orthotist certified by the Health Ministry, and a member of a family that has manufactured customized footwear and soles for three generations. Shaul has 43 years of experience in this field. He has treated thousands of customers, manufactured hundreds of thousands of orthopedic products and provided solutions to a wide range of problems.

Shaul manages Orly Orthopedics together with his son, Yossi, who carries on the family tradition and provides innovative, high-quality solutions to foot and ankle problems. Yossi is the company CEO, and he is responsible for the system of marketing and customer service. Yossi has received a diploma in the filed of footwear and sole manufacturing from Tel Aviv University, and he specializes in the area of the diabetic foot, checking the range of movement and defects in foot structure. His numerous specializations enable him to provide innovative solutions to these problems – for instance, by creating an infrastructure that disperses pressure on the foot, distributing it equally and preventing excessive pressure on particular area of the foot.

Together with the entire Orly Orthopedics team, each customer receives professional treatment and personal accompaniment in the process of creating the customized footwear that would be ideal for him.

Always at your service
Among the customers of Orly Orthopedics, there are members of all the health maintenance organizations in Israel, diabetic patients, sportspeople and other customers from all segments of society. Contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with the best service.

Service is provided in the following languages: Hebrew, Russian and English.

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